Selection Chart

Polymer coating with fabric Market End Use
Natural Rubber with Cotton fabric Apparel Rain Wear
Natural Rubber with Cotton fabric Military Survival Suits
Chloroprene with Nylon 66 fabric Defence & Marine Industry Life Jackets
Chloroprene with Nylon fabric Industrial / Defence Sector Single Texture Coated Fabric (KK200)
Chloroprene with Nylon Fabric Industrial / Defence Sector Double Texture Coated Fabric (KK600)
Nitrile with Nylon fabric Fire-Fighting Rubber Bladder
Chloroprene with Nylon fabric Defence Sector Air Lifting Bag
Chloroprene with Nylon fabric Defence Sector NBC Suits
Chloroprene with Nylon fabric Defence Sector Helipad membrane & Helipad membrane repair kit
Chloroprene with Nylon fabric Defence Sector Don Rescue Suits
Butyl with Nylon fabric Inflatable Products Surge Bladder
FKM / FKM Inflatable Products Storage Tank Rubber Coated Fabric
Silicone / Silicone High heat insulation products Furnace Curtains / Welding Blankets Fabric
FKM / FKM Inflatable Products Anti Wicking Coated Fabric
Chloroprene / CSM Rubber Inflatable Products Gas Balloon & Pillow Tank Fabric
Chloroprene / Chloroprene Inflatable Products Baffle Wall Fabric
CSM Rubber / Chloroprene Inflatable Products Buoyancy Tube Fabric
CSM Rubber / Chloroprene Inflatable Products Inflatable Collar Fabric

Below mentioned colours are available for ZRF coated fabric. Other customized colours are available on demand.

Dark Grey
Light Gray
Off White
  • CQAE (Chief Quality Assurance Esst.) EE, FE approved fabrics for Inflatable boats, Life rafts and Inflatable rescue mattress.
  • Sport inflatable, PU floats and white water rafts.
  • Diaphragms, gaskets and seals for pumps, gas metering, and other automotive applications.
  • Anti-static pads, Anti-static Covers for Hospital Furniture, covers for electronics and healthcare uses.
  • Hovercraft Skirts, Life jackets, Chutes.
  • Safety & survival devices.
  • Bellows for air movement and protective covers.
  • Collapsible water and fuel tanks.
  • Chemical and toxicological agent’s protective suits and apparel.
  • Bias and reinforcing tapes.
  • Used in manufacture of buoyancy fabrics, fabrics for storage & transportation containers.
  • Viton (FKM) fabrics for protection against chemicals, chlorine and gas, membrane fabrics as well as special fabrics.
  • Silicon Fiber Glass Fabrics for high temperature application, wielding curtains and Fabric Expansion joints.
  • Fire Retardant Fabric for the manufacturing of vestibules and curtains and blankets.