Indication Layer Rubber Sheeting

Abra-Line IL Rubber Sheet is an indication layer wear resistance rubber sheet, is a specialized type of rubber sheet designed with an indication layer to monitor and assess wear resistance.

The indication layer wear resistance rubber sheet contains a layer of contrasting color or material beneath the top surface. As the rubber sheet wears over time due to abrasion and contact with abrasive materials, the indication layer becomes visible, providing a clear visual indication of the degree of wear.


This type of rubber sheet is particularly useful in predicting and monitoring the wear on equipment surfaces, conveyor belts, chutes, and other components exposed to abrasive environments. By using these sheets, maintenance personnel can identify areas with excessive wear and plan timely replacements or repairs, thus reducing unexpected downtime and optimizing equipment performance.

Product Dimension

Indication Layer Wear Resistance Rubber Sheet
Features Indication layer wear resistance rubber sheets possess all the typical properties of high-quality wear-resistant rubber, including abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and flexibility. The addition of the indication layer enables proactive wear monitoring, enhancing the sheet's value in industrial settings.
Applications Skirt rubber seal, drains Lining, pipes, hydro cyclone tank, Slurry handling, Floating cells, Lining of excavator buckets etc.
Standard Thickness 4 mm to 50mm
Standard Length 10 Mtr, 33 Ft, 11 Yard
Standard Width 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 2 Mtr, 48" / 54" / 60" / 79" inches
Technical Specification
Code Colour Specific Gravity Hardness (±5) Tensile Strength Elongation Abras. TDS
Gm/cm3 SHORE A Kg/cm2(min) % (min) mm3
Abra-Line IL 40 Black-Orange-Grey 1.1 40 ± 5 165 600 100-110
Abra-Max IL 45 Red-Orange-Grey 1.1 45 ± 5 150 600 110-120
Abra-Max IL 60 Black-Orange-Grey 1.15 60 ± 5 150 500 110-120
Abra Tuff IL 60 Black-Red-Grey 1.17 60 ± 5 125 450 130-140


  1. Custom width and length is available on request
  2. Custom colours available on request