Storage Tanks

Closed Type Vertex (Pillow Tank)

Zenith produces a wide range of collapsible fabric tanks also known as pillow tanks both for temporary and long-term liquid storage. These tanks not only can store water but also various chemicals, oil, gases, effluents and slurries available in capacities of 300 liters to 300.000 liters. Zenith’s Pillow tanks can be easily transported and installed quickly with little or no on-site preparation. These are typically used for military operations, relief efforts, rural construction sites and many commercial areas.

Specialized materials are available for a variety of applications.

Zenith’s Pillow Tanks are capable to store diesel, jet A-1 fuel, oils, kerosene and various types of chemicals. Zenith is a proud supplier to Indian Military.

Advantages of the Product

  • Preserves the quality of water
  • UV resistant
  • Closed system as to keep it clean and disinfect
  • Collapsible and Compact
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable
  • Passes rigorous quality control tests
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Delivered as a complete kit with all accessories in one box

Open Top Vertex (Onion Tank)

Open top design allows for easy filling of liquids and protects the water source from outside contamination. The open top reservoirs are low profile circular shaped tanks. As the tank begins to fill, its unique design allows it to rise automatically.

These tanks are used for spill recovery, firefighting, and storage of potable water, and many other types of industrial liquids.

Typical applications include fish hatcheries, watering, rainwater accumulation, drilling and also as a portable pool in your house. Zenith® Vertex is the farmer's best friend. It can be used as a water reservoir for irrigation of agricultural fields. UPVC valves are durable and long lasting.