Air Caster

A Rubber Air Caster, also known as an Air Bearing or Pneumatic Air Caster, is a specialized device designed for moving heavy loads with minimal friction and effort. It utilizes compressed air to create a thin, low-friction cushion between the load and the floor, enabling easy and precise movement of even extremely heavy objects.

The primary components of a Rubber Air Caster include a flexible rubber membrane or bladder and a network of air channels. When air is pumped into the caster, the rubber bladder inflates, creating a lifting force and lifting the load slightly off the ground. This air cushion allows the load to move with very little resistance, making it possible to manoeuvre heavy items in any direction, including sideways.

Rubber Air Casters are commonly used in industrial applications where moving heavy equipment, machinery, or large components is required. They are especially valuable in settings where traditional methods of lifting, such as cranes or forklifts, may not be suitable or practical. These casters are also gentle on the floor, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive surfaces.

The versatility, ease of use, and efficiency of Rubber Air Casters make them a popular choice for companies dealing with heavy loads and looking for safe and efficient material handling solutions.

Air Caster

Insertion Fabric Polyamide
Polymer Polychloroprene
Colour Black
Fabric Specification Polyamide fabric coating with synthetic Polychloroprene rubber
Operating Pressure 4 to 6 Kgs
Load capacity 350 Tons - 10 Nos
Lifting Height 5 mm