ZENA-SEAL EPDM Water Roofing Membrane

ZENA-SEAL is a water proofing membrane developed by Zenith Rubber. The rubber membrane has 100 % EPDM polymer content making it an ideal choice for the water-proofing of roofs, swimming pool lining, ponds lining, foundations for civil constructions, soak pits for animal feed, Bio gas plants, canals lining, etc. With a life that spans 20 years ZENA-SEAL is the best choice for waterproofing applications.

ZENA-SEAL is produced in accordance to ASTM D4637 and ASTM 6134. The sheet conforms to all requirements for non-reinforced black EPDM rubber sheet for use in waterproofing applications.

ZENA-SEAL single ply black membranes are light weight and have exceptional long lasting elasticity permitting the materials to withstand Building movement, Expansion - Contraction of Building surfaces, High resistance to Ozone and weather as they are known as “Crack-less Rubbers”, Low Specific gravity - lightest among all rubbers, Widest Temperature range from - 40°C to + 130°C, Excellent Steam and Water Resistance.

Product Dimension

ZENA-SEAL is available in the following dimensions
Thickness 0.75mm to 2mm
Length 6 meter to 30 meter
Width 1 meter to 6 meter
Packing Rolls are wrapped on 3 or 4 inch cardboard with outer surface of rolls covered with HDPE


  1. Custom width and length is available on request
  2. Custom colours available on request