Aircraft Lifting Bag

A Rubber Air Lifting Bag is a specialized device used in heavy lifting and rescue operations. It is constructed from durable rubber materials and is designed to be inflated with compressed air. When inflated, the bag expands in size, creating a lifting force that can be used to raise heavy objects, create gaps in tight spaces, or provide stabilization.

The primary application of Rubber Air Lifting Bags is in emergency scenarios, such as extricating trapped individuals from vehicles after accidents or lifting heavy objects during search and rescue operations. They are also commonly used in construction and industrial settings where there's a need to lift heavy machinery or components.

Key features of Rubber Air Lifting Bags include their ability to generate a significant amount of force, their compact and portable design, and the ease of use. They are especially valuable in situations where traditional lifting equipment may be challenging to deploy or less effective.

Overall, Rubber Air Lifting Bags play a crucial role in various emergency response and heavy lifting situations, providing a versatile and reliable solution for lifting and moving heavy loads.

Aircraft Lifting Bag

Insertion Fabric Nylon
Polymer Chloroprene / Chloroprene
Color Black/ Grey/ Orange / Red / Blue
Fabric Specification Nylon fabric with coating with synthetic rubber as per IS 11326-1985
Coated Fabric Fabric must be strong enough to lift load 12 Tons (minimum) when inflated & bag pressure 0.75 kg/cm2
Coated Fabric Burst Pressure Coated Fabric Burst Pressure at 2 kg/cm2 min.
Temperature Test Coated Fabric withstand -20°C for 24 hrs & 70°C for 6 hrs, fabric No Crack, No Leakage