Water Proofing Membrane - Application Areas

EPDM Roofing

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

“EPDM Waterproofing for roof systems need to withstand a lot of changing weather conditions and structural & mechanical influences. EPDM rubber has been used successfully to waterproof large commercial buildings for more than thirty years and are also recommended for commercial roofs, making its surface stronger and less likely to crack during extreme weather conditions”.

Wall Protection EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

Wall Protection

“Wall water proofing refers to a technique used to prevent water infiltration to the structure of the wall. Over the past 30 Years polymer based waterproofing products have been developed. EPDM based product lasts for the entire lifetime of the building and are not affected by pH of the soil. EPDM based waterproofing material have the advantages of low viscosity thus, can be installed directly on the wall”.

Mining & Construction - Waterproofing Membrane

Mining & Construction

"The underground constructions has witnessed a shift in preference from dry to wet and then to polymer based application in both tunnelling and mining. Leaking water can cause serious damage to the structure. ZENA-SEAL carries excellent water-proofing capabilities and remains flexible with its use on most substrates like cement, wood, metal, adhesive and paints. It provides ease in cleaning and reduces maintenance cost with long life durability”.

Geo-Membrane -  EPDM Waterproofing


"ZENA-SEAL remains highly flexible even at a low temperature (down to -25°C) which enables installation in all weather conditions. It can be stretched up to 300%, facilitating comfortable installation, even on challenging subgrade temperatures and for extensive applications”.

Green Roofs using Rubber Membrane

Green Roofs using ZENA-SEAL EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

“ZENA-SEAL EPDM Waterproofing Membrane is widely used as a waterproof membrane for green roof construction because of its properties and resilience. Green roofs serve several purposes for a building such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, landscaping, and aiding to reduce urban air temperatures thereby combating the heat island effect”.