Abra-Super OZ Sheeting

Abra-super OZ stands out specialized as a combination of Natural rubber and EPDM designed to excel in demanding conditions. Its notable features include:

  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance: Abra-super OZ rubber demonstrates remarkable resilience against abrasion, making it ideal for applications subject to high levels of wear and tear.
  • UV and Ozone Resistance: This rubber compound is formulated to endure prolonged exposure to sunlight and high ozone concentrations, safeguarding it against surface deterioration in environments where unprotected natural rubber might be vulnerable.
  • Versatile Protection: Unlike regular natural rubber, Abra-super OZ eliminates the need for additional surface painting or shielding. It releases its own 'antiozonant' for protection, ensuring reliability without requiring extra maintenance.
  • Enhanced Noise and Vibration Absorption: Along with its exceptional resistance, Abra-super OZ rubber also offers effective noise and vibration absorption properties, contributing to a quieter and more stable operation.
  • Perfect for Exposed Wet-Dry Applications: The rubber's ability to withstand sliding or slurry abrasion, combined with its resistance to ozone and UV light, makes it an excellent choice for wet-dry environments prone to scuffing and abrasions.

Product Dimension

Features Excellent weathering and ozone, high resilience and tear strength, good sound absorption and vibration dampening properties.
Applications Used in areas which requires ozone resistance and resilience. Rubber lining for Agitators, Cover rubber for granulate bullet traps, ducts, pumps, tanks, MS Pipes, Centrifuge Basket & shell rubber lining, Vibrator bowl lining.
Finish Type Both side smooth, one side smooth and other side fabric or buffed finish / CN Bonding.
Standard Thickness 1 mm to 50 mm
Standard Length 10 Mtr, 33 Ft, 11 Yard
Standard Width 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.5 Mtr, & 2 mtr.
Technical Specification
Code Colour Specific Gravity Hardness (±5) Tensile Strength Elongation Polymer Abras. TDS
Gm/cm3 SHORE A Kg/cm2(min) % (min) mm3
Abra-Super OZ 40 Black, Green 1.05 40 ± 5 220 750 NR/EPDM 130-140
Abra-Super OZ 60 Black, Green 1.50 60 ± 5 220 750 NR/EPDM 130-140


  1. Custom width and length is available on request
  2. Custom colours available on request