Oil Boom

An oil boom is a temporary, buoyant barrier meticulously designed to confine oil spills, significantly mitigating the risk of pollution along coastlines, rivers, and oceans. Its primary purpose is to gather and contain oil within thick surface layers, ensuring convenient retrieval for clean-up operations. This essential tool comprises a floating containment partition that remains above the water's surface, coupled with a submerged curtain.

Zenith Oil booms possess remarkable versatility, effectively functioning across a range of wind conditions. Their deployment serves a crucial role in safeguarding shorelines, preserving valuable resources, and facilitating efficient recovery efforts. By concentrating oil into denser surface layers, they optimize the effectiveness of oil collection methods, such as skimmers and vacuums.

These booms come in various configurations, tailored to different water conditions and operational requirements, providing varying levels of effectiveness. In essence, oil booms stand as a pivotal defence against oil spills, offering a means to protect vulnerable ecosystems and streamline the clean-up process.


Zenith Oil boom is manufactured with two layers of synthetic fabric vulcanized with four layers of heavy-duty oil and UV resistance neoprene rubber. Stiffeners, anchoring points, and fixing plates are vulcanized between fabric layers, ensuring a robust structure that's easy to clean and maintain.

The boom features stripes and reflectors for enhanced visibility. Its ballast comprises hot-dip galvanized steel chain, providing strength and skirt support.


  • Preferred product for marine application.
  • Highly resistant with Oil, Water, Air
  • Basic fabric for oil boom, double texture ply give extra strength to the fabric & make it more durable & Flexible.


  • Suitable for Marine
  • Harbours
  • Offshore Operations
  • Permanent Installations
  • Oil Sweeping Activities
Insertion Fabric Nylon / Polyester
Polymer Chloroprene / Chloroprene , Chloroprene / CSM Rubber
Color Black/ Grey/ Orange / Red / Blue
Breaking Strength (Min) Warp-200 kgs, Weft-200 Kgs
Thickness (Min) 2.40mm ± 0.05mm, 0.094 inch ±0.002”
Width Available 1.0 Mtr (39.37”) to 2.0 Mtr (78.74”)
Coated Fabric Weight (Min) 500 (min) to 5000 (max) 200 GSM