Silicone Rubber Sheeting

Silicone rubber is physiologically inert material and well known for its excellent temperature resistance, sealing and flexibility. Zenith Rubber manufactures various range of quality Silicon rubber sheets at competitive price. Silicone has excellent resistance to heat (dry air), at +225°C intermittent. It remains flexible at low temperatures of -70°C and it is also resistant to ultra-violent light, Ozone and weathering.

Silicone rubber sheets are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including aerospace, automotive, electrical, pharmaceutical, food processing, Furniture and industrial manufacturing. They are employed for gaskets, seals, vibration dampening pads, insulation, cushioning, thermal management etc.

Product Dimension

Silicone Rubber Sheet
Code Colour Specific Gravity Hardness (±5) Tensile Strength Elongation Finish Type TDS
Gm/cm3 SHORE A Kg/cm2(min) % (min)
SI65130 Red, White, Translucent 1.3 65 60 250 Smooth/Matt
SI70130 Red, White, Translucent 1.3 70 60 250 Smooth/Matt
SI60120 Red, White, Translucent, Blue, Black 1.2 60 60 250 Smooth/Matt
SI50120 1.2 50 60 250 Smooth/Matt
SI75120 1.2 75 80 250 Smooth/Matt
High Tear Range
SI60120 HT Translucent 1.2 60 80 300 Smooth/Matt
SI60115 HT Translucent 1.15 60 80 550 Smooth/Matt
Silicone Rubber Sheets - Food Grade
Code Colour Specific Gravity Hardness (±5) Tensile Strength Elongation TDS
Gm/cm3 SHORE A Kg/cm2(min) % (min)
SI60120 FG Offwhite, Blue, Red 1.2 60 60 250
Standard Length 10 Mtr 33 Ft 11 Yard
Standard Width 1.2/1.4/1.5 Mtr 4/4.6/4.92 Ft 1.33/1.53/1.64 Yard


  1. One side or both side smooth or fabric finish can be supplied.
  2. Specifications are subject to change without notice.